Madison Liquidators Adds Innovative New Power Hubs by MOD to Their Office Furniture Lineup

Madison Liquidators Adds Innovative New Power Hubs by MOD to Their Office Furniture Lineup

MADISON, Wis. , June 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Madison Liquidators has recently expanded the available power hub and charging station products by adding new lines by MOD. Prioritizing these new products means that providing power to a conference table or around the office is more convenient and tailored to modern devices. MOD’s wide scoping design seeks to fundamentally change the way an office is powered.

The MOD line differentiates itself from other power solutions with features such as; desktop wireless chargers, innovative monitor arms that provide power at the base of the monitor, in-desk and pop-up surface power and more. While Madison Liquidators features many high-quality power and charging options, these new MOD lines offer flexibility, variety, and modernity to a classic solution.

With the MOD series of products, it’s important that customers can now find the right solution to utilize the grommets that come with every desk. Being able to reliably power the multiple devices necessary for work is essential for productivity. This will eliminate moments of borrowing chargers, unplugging other devices due to limited outlet space and ill-fitting power solutions. Convenience and tailored solutions are at the basis of this budding relationship between MOD and Madison Liquidators.

Quality, durability, and color options also add another element of distinction. The power hubs can lay on surfaces, be clamped to the sides or back of a desk, stand horizontally on a steady base, pop up from a grommet with a simple click or clamp to poles. They are manufactured using metal and plastic and come in unique colors ranging from black, white and silver to blue and pink. A multitude of shapes also abound. While office solutions must prioritize function, design also takes precedents as differing office styles merit consideration.

Madison Liquidators is proud to make a new online home for MOD power hubs and lighting series as it’s a match that reinforces the values that the company has always embodied. Innovative offerings by MOD are being added to the online marketplace every day and Madison liquidators hopes that with these additions, it will attract more consumers looking for value, style, and functionality in their office furniture.

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