Malay pop singer To’ki makes his mark at Take 5 Music Studio

Malay pop singer To’ki makes his mark at Take 5 Music Studio

By: Dino Gombak and Ramani

KUALA LUMPUR – Popular singer Mohd Zaki bin Mansur or better known as To’ki visited Take 5 Music Studio to share his music prowess with a group of friends and the young generation.

To’ki  is one of the popular singers of the 1990s era, gaining stardom through Malay and ethnic pop concept songs as well as singing rock and pop songs.

Songs such as Hampa , Selumbar , Biasian and Seni Berzaman are part of his string of popular songs in that era.

His artistic career was greatly driven by the famous producers Fauzi Marzuki and M. Nasir who until now is often used as a reference for the traditional / archipelago pop music genre in line with contemporaries such as Kopratasa ,M. Nasir , Sheqal , ND Lala , Noraniza Idris and Zainal Abidin .

During his heyday, To’ki once represented the country in the Asian Song Contest in Hanoi in 1993 and won it. He is now active in writing soundtracks for dramas and movies in Malaysia.

According to co-founder of Take 5 Music Production, Md Faisal bin Mohamed, his team is planning to work with To’Ki to rekindle pop and rock songs to the younger generation.  By giving this exposure the younger generation can benefit and take music interests to greater heights.

Take 5 Music Production is a local team that works with artists and future aspiring musicians based in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.


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