Markor Opens Door to Dream Homes with Amazing Fusion of Technology and Art

Markor Opens Door to Dream Homes with Amazing Fusion of Technology and Art

GANZHOU, China, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Markor International Home Furnishings (“Markor”) (SHE:600337), a leading Chinese producer of home furnishings, is currently participating in the 10th China Furniture Industry Expo (Ganzhou). As part of the commitment to exploring home aesthetics, the company has unveiled a new artistic home experience space, Markor Digital Smart Techno-Artistic Campus (“Markor Campus”), another milestone after the launch of MARKOR C.A.V.E. that set a benchmark of artistic marketplace in new retail. This year holds particular significance as it marks the 20th anniversary of Markor’s establishment. Serving as a model for transforming the furniture sector in Jiangxi Province’s Ganzhou Nankang District, Markor Campus also acts as a vital supporter of the expo with the aim to create a comprehensive international industry ecosystem accessible to the public.

During the campus’s inauguration ceremony (“the Ceremony”), Mark Feng, chairman and international business head of Markor, delivered a speech announcing the opening of the Markor International Pavilion.

The Ceremony featured a salon with the theme “Innovation Co-exists with Technology and Art”, welcomed an impressive lineup of guests, including Trayton Group founder and CEO/Danish Chamber of Commerce in China main board chair Simon Lichtenberg, Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture founder and CEO Jonathan Sowter, GID Greyron International Design founder and director/premium lifestyle brand Rongshe founder Gary Zeng, and A.R.T. Furniture overseas business president Doug Rozenboom. During the salon, the participants shared their perspectives on the theme and engaged in a fruitful discussion on the interplay among innovation, technology and art, as well as on the future of the furniture industry.

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Upon entering Markor Campus, visitors are greeted by a sculpture that takes inspiration from the yardang landform— small hills with steep escarpments that are an iconic feature of the ancient Silk Road. Resembling a vertically turned sedimentary rock with scattered layers, the yardang sculpture stands as a proud centerpiece, harmoniously complementing the “installation gallery”(the dust extraction pipes with artistic style) and capturing the boundless creativity and imagination of future home decor.

At Markor Campus, the convergence of technology and art, intelligent and artificial manufacturing, and business and humanities is gradually erasing boundaries, reshaping the ecosystem of the home industry, and exemplifying a pioneering business model. Markor proudly presents its “full-process intelligent manufacturing facility” at the expo—an embodiment of modernity, technological advancement, and artistic expression. This home dream factory serves as a showcase for the company’s intelligent manufacturing capabilities, digital innovations, and unwavering commitment to disrupting even its own previous achievements. Leveraging high-tech green workshops, Markor maximizes the efficiency of the intelligent unmanned model in the production of exquisite home furnishings.

Embracing the ethos of “City ESG”, Markor fosters an environment that harmoniously blends green intelligent manufacturing with urban humanistic and artistic lifestyles

The concept of “City ESG” embodies Markor’s thoughtful considerations on sustainable urban development, encompassing aspects of livability, social harmony, and urban governance. Recognizing the significance of generating both business and social value, Markor has established the Markor ESG community within Markor Campus. Drawing inspiration from traditional Gannan enclosures, and incorporating modern design elements, the architectural design of the community features a distinctive canyon-shaped entrance and a visually captivating transparent glass facade. The inclusion of a grand glass ceiling atop the building creates a remarkable space that showcases the unique allure of the architecture, despite its enclosed design.

Markor Campus, through the application of advanced technologies, aims to delve into the ecological concept of fostering harmonious coexistence among the environment, society, cities and inhabitants. It envisions a future where an all-encompassing one-stop living experience awaits, seamlessly blending advanced intelligence, exquisite craftsmanship, well-designed living spaces, cutting-edge installations, displays of cultural and creative works, captivating live streams as well as enticing restaurants and bars.

Of significant importance, Markor Campus is committed to providing its software and hardware infrastructure to the entire industry, enabling industry peers to access its cutting-edge, future-oriented technology and art services. Envisioned as the “Silicon Valley” of the home industry, the campus strives to establish an inclusive and collaborative entrepreneurial hub for industry practitioners, fostering an environment of open sharing and mutual growth.

By establishing Markor Campus as a fusion of technology and art and offering its underlying resources to industry peers, Markor has successfully embraced its new mission of enriching lives across the globe as both a dream maker and a dreamer.

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Presently, Markor is fully devoted to constructing intelligent and modern production facilities, developing a cutting-edge digital platform, and establishing a highly influential brand matrix, all driven by a steadfast commitment to exploring innovative home concepts for the future. In doing so, the company has emerged as a global trailblazer in home manufacturing and operations, embracing forthcoming industry trends with utmost dedication.

Situated in Ganzhou Nankang District, known as China’s home manufacturing capital, Markor Campus, is strategically positioned to establish the industry’s foremost intelligent manufacturing ecosystem. By harnessing the full potential of local cluster resources, the campus serves as a catalyst for the transformation of the district’s home sector and contributes to the broader development of Ganzhou as a whole.

With the establishment of Markor Campus, Markor has advanced another step toward its mission of creating a better world for everyone.

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