Mask up, limit outdoor activities during hot weather, haze – Dr Zaliha

Mask up, limit outdoor activities during hot weather, haze – Dr Zaliha

PUTRAJAYA: The public is advised to use face masks, umbrellas and hats to avoid direct exposure to the hot weather and haze currently affecting the country, said Health Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa.

She said people should also avoid strenuous activities to prevent illness during the current weather conditions. “Limit the time spent outdoors to avoid exposure to the hot weather and haze,” she said in a statement today following the current weather, which is affecting the air quality and ambient temperature in several areas.

Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad was reported to have said that the haze is expected to be worse this year compared to the last three years as plantation and industrial activities have returned to normal operations.

Based on monitoring of the hot weather status by the Malaysian Meteorological Department yesterday, several areas were reported to be in the Warning Level 1 (Caution) category and no areas were reported to be in Warning Level 2 (heat wave).

Dr Zaliha also urged the public to keep windows closed to prevent haze particles from entering their houses or buildings. “Avoid activities such as smoking that can increase indoor air pollutants and clean inside the premises regularly,” she said.

She said another preventive measure to reduce the health effects of hot weather and haze is choosing the air-recirculation mode when using the air-conditioner while driving.

“Drink lots of plain water, at least eight glasses per day, even if you do not feel thirsty. This is to maintain the body’s hydration level, which is important in regulating body temperature.
“Take frequent baths to cool down. Avoid wearing thick, tight and dark-coloured clothes,” she said, adding that people should seek immediate treatment at the nearest health facility if they fell unwell.


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