New Irish PM Says Getting ‘Much Closer’ To Recognising Palestinian State

New Irish PM Says Getting ‘Much Closer’ To Recognising Palestinian State

DUBLIN, Apr 14 (NNN-MENA) – Ireland, Spain and other countries are getting “much closer” to recognising a Palestinian state, new Irish Prime Minister, Simon Harris, said on Friday, as he met Spanish counterpart Pedro Sanchez.

The comments, following talks in Dublin, came hours after Norway announced, during a visit by Sanchez that, it too was ready to recognise a Palestinian state. The Spanish leader is currently on a European tour, including a stop in Poland, aimed at drumming up support for the move, according to a Spanish government spokesperson.

Harris became Ireland’s youngest ever prime minister, just five days ago, after predecessor Leo Varadkar, abruptly quit, last month.

Ireland has repeatedly signalled its intention to recognise a Palestinian state, and its new leader appears eager to make good on the pledge.

“Let me, this evening, say, our assessment is that, that point is coming much closer and we would like to move together in doing so,” Harris said, at a joint press conference with Sanchez.

“When we move forward, we would like to do so with as many others as possible, to lend weight to the decision and to send the strongest message,” Harris added.

“The people of Palestine have long sought the dignity of their own country and sovereignty – a home that, like Ireland and Spain, can take its place amongst the nations of the earth.”


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