Noodoe Links Californian and Australian Efforts to Combat Global Climate Change

Noodoe Links Californian and Australian Efforts to Combat Global Climate Change

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Noodoe today announced the opening of its new offices in Brisbane, Australia as the next step in its work to bring together companies worldwide in the fight against climate change. Electric vehicles (EVs) play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to a more sustainable future, and accessible and reliable EV charging infrastructure is a pivotal catalyst for accelerating the adoption of EVs.

The recently signed MOU between California Governor Gavin Newsom and Australia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Dr. Kevin Rudd is the latest example of governmental cross-national cooperation as a response to the growing climate crisis. With the new Brisbane office, Noodoe reaffirms its commitment to empowering the global business community to support the transition to electric transportation. “EV adoption is driven by convenient charging sites and scalable networks,” said Jennifer Chang, CEO of Noodoe Inc.

“By offering reliable, intelligent chargers powered by next-generation management software, Noodoe has taken its place in the fight against climate change. From Irvine to our new Brisbane offices, we empower businesses to come together to advance environmental sustainability.”

The transportation sector makes up 20% of global carbon dioxide emissions, with road vehicles comprising roughly 75% of them. The world needs smart and accessible infrastructure to transition to EVs, which is where Noodoe comes in. Noodoe has expanded its commitment to advancing global electrification, bringing to its Australian operations the dedication it was founded on in California. Noodoe is electrifying communities from Los Angeles to Australia’s Gold Coast through Noodoe EV OS, its globally proven EV charging station management platform, and custom solutions development expertise, driving the transition towards cleaner transportation options.

Noodoe EV OS, combined with world-class EV chargers, paves the way for businesses to integrate intelligent and automated charging solutions that fit their needs and help them combat climate change. Noodoe EV OS is the most flexible, extensible EV charging station operating system on the market. The system autonomously runs all operations of the EV charging network, including 24/7 service delivery, payment processing, and charger management. Real-time automatic monitoring, diagnostics, and recovery deliver one of the highest up times in the industry.

Chang reinforced Noodoe’s focus on driving the sustainability movement: “By greening the transportation sector, the business community can make real strides in the fight against climate change. Noodoe is committed to realizing that vision through rewriting the standard for charging station management, placing a truly sustainable future well within our grasp.”

About Noodoe Inc.
Noodoe’s vision is to put the best EV charging experience in every parking lot via Noodoe EV charging stations running Noodoe EV OS, today’s most advanced operating system for running intelligent charging infrastructure. Flexible and innovative, Noodoe develops next-generation solutions to meet any business’ EV charging needs. By automating all operations of the EV charging network, Noodoe EV OS enables Charging Service Providers worldwide to achieve the lowest possible operating costs.

Source: Noodoe Inc.
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