NOVOSENSE launched automotive-qualified, wide supply voltage range and three-wire Hall switch/latch NSM101x series

NOVOSENSE launched automotive-qualified, wide supply voltage range and three-wire Hall switch/latch NSM101x series

SHANGHAI, June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NOVOSENSE has launched a new three-wire Hall-effect switch/latch NSM101x series to provide a high-precision solution for digital position detection, which can be widely used in the position detection of automotive actuators.

The NSM101x series includes three models, namely, NSM1011 (unipolar Hall switch), NSM1012 (omnipolar Hall switch), and NSM1013 (Hall latch). Involving different switching points, working magnetic poles, output phase, normal power consumption and low power consumption modes, temperature compensation coefficient of magnet materials, packaging form and other dimensions, the NSM101x series can fully cover different system requirements in various application scenarios. All models are automotive-qualified and industry-qualified. The automotive-qualified products meet the reliability requirements of AEC-Q100 Grade 0 and can work in the harsh environment of -40~150℃.

The NSM101x series achieves the industry-leading wide supply voltage range, with the absolute maximum ration of -20 ~ +40V and the operating voltage range of 2.7~ 38V. It is suitable for various application scenarios of LDO power supply and direct power supply by automotive low-voltage battery.

The NSM101x series supports over current protection and over temperature protection, and a long short circuit between the output and the power supply or ground wire will not cause product damage, which greatly improves the possibility of passing the complex on-board electrical performance test of the sensor module. In addition, the product line has industry-leading ESD performance, which is up to ±8kV with the HBM mode, improving robustness in component manufacturing and end-customer applications.

SOT23-3 package and TO92S package are compatible with mainstream competitive products in the industry, and support through hole components welding, resistance welding and PCB surface-mount technology, so that the chip can be replaced directly under the premise that the structural design remains completely unchanged.

NSM1011/ NSM1012/ NSM1013 are available for sample. For sample application or order, please email to [email protected]. For more information, click

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