Official Monument Installed on Doha Corniche

Official Monument Installed on Doha Corniche

Qatar Tourism has installed an official monument on the Doha Corniche, in recognition of Doha’s landmark Arab Tourism Capital for 2023 title, which was awarded by the Arab Ministerial Council earlier this year.

The monument, which reflects the official Doha Arab Tourism Capital 2023 logo, is positioned in a photogenic location on the Corniche. The design of the monument was inspired by the slogan of Doha Capital of Arab Tourism 2023, which reflects the city of Doha as a modern centre for tourism rooted in its rich cultural heritage.

Since Doha received the prestigious award, Qatar’s tourism sector has welcomed an incredible start to the year. With over a million visitors in the first quarter of 2023, Qatar registered its highest ever first quarter of international arrivals. In April, Qatar Tourism announced the re-launch of the Hayya platform in its new form, inviting tourists who currently need a visa to Qatar to enjoy the country’s famously warm Arabian hospitality and diverse touristic offering. The Hayya platform unifies all visa process for tourists and business visas to Qatar.


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