Pakistan To Improve Medical Services To Achieve Healthier Nation: PM

Pakistan To Improve Medical Services To Achieve Healthier Nation: PM

ISLAMABAD, Apr 8 (NNN-APP) – Pakistani Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, said yesterday that, his country is committed to providing quality medical services to every citizen for a healthier nation.

“Our focus would remain on improving primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare, medical education, preventive healthcare and improved governance … every citizen has the right to quality health services,” the prime minister said, in his message on World Health Day.

In order to ensure health for all, Sharif said, the incumbent government has been taking measures and state-of-the-art medical facilities are being set up in the country.

“We encourage provincial governments to expand and upgrade health facilities, launch mobile health clinics for enhanced access, re-energize immunization and improve mental health services,” he said, adding that, the establishment and operationalisation of hospitals and healthcare facilities in each province is the government’s key priority.

The prime minister said that, the country remained committed to universal health coverage and universal health insurance for the whole population, particularly providing free-of-cost healthcare services to low and middle-income families.

Lauding the role of Pakistani health professionals, paramedical staff, nurses, and others, Sharif said that the health workers have been working selflessly day and night to provide health services to the nation.


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