Polls: More than 90% voter turnout for early voting

Polls: More than 90% voter turnout for early voting

KUALA LUMPUR — Voter turnout for the six-state elections and the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election was more than 90 percent as of today.

According to the Election Commission (EC) statement, Kedah attained the highest percentage at 96, followed by Kelantan at 93%, Terengganu (95%), Penang (95%,) Selangor (95.87) and Negeri Sembilan (94.05).

For this state polls, a total of 72,554 people consisting of military personnel and their spouses, police personnel and General Operation Forces (PGA) and spouses who have carried out the responsibility as early voters.

While for the Kuala Terengganu P.036 Parliamentary by-election, 1,286 voters (95.47%) consisted of military personnel and spouses as well as the police.

EC records its appreciation to the Electoral Officer and team for carrying out their responsibilities very well today.

The EC also extended its appreciation and thanks to the Police, Malaysian Armed Forces, Local Authorities, Malaysian Information Department, media and all parties in supporting the election body in ensuring a smooth election process.



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