Potholes, Road Cracks? Get covered with ‘XinLu’ Pothole Patch

Potholes, Road Cracks? Get covered with ‘XinLu’ Pothole Patch


An entrepreneur’s personal witness of an accident involving a young family due to a pothole in a neighbourhood, made him venture into finding a solution to fix potholes and road cracks in Malaysia.

Howie Gan, Managing Director of Fox Traffic conducted a media awareness session to introduce the ‘Xin Lu’ patch made available to the Malaysian market.

He came across this product while attending an international exhibition in Beijing. After seeing the quality of the product, he took four years study about the product and process to bring it to Malaysia and get adequate testing, licensing, and accreditation to suit the local market.

“Since 2019, we have successfully proven the product in terms of durability, performance, costing, environment friendly, easy knowledge transfer, and effectiveness.”

His main objective is to work hand in hand with Public Works Department’s (Jabatan Kerja Raya) to create a ‘Zero Pothole’ mission in Malaysia.

Howie described the main cause of potholes in Malaysia is due to climate, overweight vehicles, and high traffic volume based on his observation and data collected on the roads in the country.

“The concept is to seal the treated pothole area without letting the water seep in, so it will last longer and keep the road user safety.” he pointed out.

FoxTraffic has been in the traffic industry for the past 14 years and involved in pothole-fixing solutions since 2019.

They have managed to get SIRIM product quality and even JKR has approved this new method as ‘temporary pothole patching’. UMLAB has tested its product durability after 2 years of installation, the result of the skid resistance still works well and above all meets the JKR’s road skid resistance standard.

This product comes from Xinjiang, China, which has been in the industry for 18 years and owns an international patent from the United States of America.

Based on their test out patching potholes on the road, they have collected data showing it can last almost 2 to 3 years.

During the demonstration, Howie and his team showed the media how it is installed and it only took almost 15 minutes to patch a pothole in an area in Puchong. Below are some of his steps to consider in patching potholes.

  1. Fill the pothole with cold or hot mix and the desired level should be 1-2 cm thicker than the road to prevent the treated area sunk in.
  2. The patch must be bigger than the pothole size. Otherwise, the patch will not stick well.
  3. Do not install the patch when it is in wet, oily, and dusty condition. It must be a clean and dry area. Otherwise, the patch won’t stick well.
  4. The patch needs to be lightly burned on the bitumen surface and stuck on the pothole immediately to get a quick adhesive.

Among his past projects are Cahaya Mata Sarawak, Kuantan Port, Plus Expressways, Majlis Bandaraya PJ, Senai Desaru (SDE), Penang Second Bridge, THB Maintenance Sdn Bhd.

Interestingly, he and his team have been doing charity ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’ initiatives to patch potholes around Malaysia using their own budget.

To them, it is the main idea to raise and educate ‘Zero Pothole’ awareness and optimistically hopes the government will be able to hear his proposal, ideas, and innovative solution to patch potholes.

​Additionally, he is also working with other like-minded organisations to continuously promote this fixing solution for potholes.

For more information please visit their website https://www.foxtrafficmalaysia.com/ or call Mr.Howie (012-350 8340), Mr Chin (012-213 7523), and Mr.Tang (012-505 9500)


Using the cold mix to fill the pot hole


Using the roller to even the surface before applying the XinLu patch


Covering the Pothole with the XinLu Patch



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