SANY Launches Five New Small Excavators, Anchoring Future Development of International Market

SANY Launches Five New Small Excavators, Anchoring Future Development of International Market

CHANGSHA, China, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SANY Group (SANY), a leading global machinery manufacturer, has launched five all-new small excavator products with fully elevated functionality and performance, which will officially go into the market in 2024.

The SY60C, SY75C, SY80U, SY95C, and SY135C, developed for the European and North American markets, have rolled off the assembly line at SANY’s industry park in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, marking a milestone of SANY’s overseas product strategy.

Aiming to enhance SANY’s competitive advantages in the small excavator markets in Europe and the U.S., SANY has carried out in-depth surveys and research based on the needs, suggestions, and questions from markets outside China, and introduced Plan H – the High-Quality Plan (HQP) in July, which is composed of both product development and quality improvement projects.

“SANY’s international market strategy prioritizes product development as its foremost focus. The launch of five new products by SANY not only strengthens its position in the international market but also drives the overall product development of the entire series”, said Chen Jiayuan, CEO of SANY Heavy Machine, a business division of SANY Heavy Industry.

Intelligent and safe with precision

The five small excavators highlight four major upgrades that comprehensively improve functionality, performance, maneuverability, and operation safety.

The enhanced configurations guarantee a more flexible, convenient, and safer operating experience, key upgrades include equipping two sets of auxiliary lines and one set of quick-change lines as well as a standard rear camera that offers a 15 percent better field of view. The standardized and serialized global product configurations for small excavators have also increased the product generalization rate to 75 percent.

The upgraded appearance of the new models not only improves the aesthetics. The 20 percent taller cover achieves smoother aerodynamics and brings up the product’s thermal balance by 8 percent. In the meantime, the new cabin is fully equipped with intelligent controls, Bluetooth, and multi-functional key panels. The cabin sealing rate is up by 20 percent.

The SY60C features a smart touch screen and ePower battery management module, an integrated one-touch start button and knob, an upgraded shovel that adapts to more construction conditions, and intelligent attachment matching for different customers and regions.

The SY75C highlights elevated hydraulic performance – the end of the auxiliary line is upgraded to a ball diverter, and it’s equipped with the standard floating shovel function with a new valve spool for smoother compound actions. The new cabin interior setup has moved the foot valve front for more legroom.

The SY80U has a multi-functional touch screen integrating the radio and air-conditioning control, the more convenient operation also matches the switching of 20 types of accessories. The optional 260-kg counterweight and 1.6-meter short bucket arm can increase the stability of the excavator and expand application scenarios to meet more project demands.

The SY95C offers the options of an anti-explosive valve and quick-change line, with a standard floating shovel function, and the choices of a standard 1.7-meter and long 2.1-meter bucket arm to meet customers’ varied demands. Its upgraded driving gear has two options of steel or rubber tracks to meet the requirements of various road conditions, and the 450mm tall shovel improves bulldozing efficiency.

The SY135C has an all-new armrest box design and interior color blend with a futuristic vibe. A hoisting function is available for this model, with dynamic and automatic weighing and lifting with an overload alarm to achieve intelligent, accurate, and safe operation.


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