Several Flights Cancelled In Philippines As Power Outage Hit Airport

Several Flights Cancelled In Philippines As Power Outage Hit Airport

MANILA, May 1 (NNN-PNA) – A power outage at the airport in the Philippine capital, in the wee hours of today, resulted in the cancellation of several domestic flights, airport authorities said.

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) said, the power outage at the airport’s Terminal 3, struck shortly after 1.00 a.m. local time today.

“Standby power is now supplying electricity to critical facilities, enabling computer systems of airlines and immigration to function partially and enable processing of both inbound and outbound passengers,” the MIAA said in a statement.

“As a result, delayed flights shall be expected,” the MIAA added.

The MIAA said, operations personnel are now continuing to do the rounds of Terminal 3, to assist passengers. Transportation Secretary, Jaime Bautista, said, the Terminal 3 generator system is used, to supply power, while the MIAA engineering team is looking into the cause of the power failure.

Bautista said, the outage caused slight congestion at check-in counters inside the terminal.

Philippine President, Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, now on an official visit to the United States, has instructed Bautista to restore power “as soon as possible.” A power outage also hit Manila’s airport in Jan, triggering a technical glitch that delayed and caused cancellations of domestic and international flights.


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