The Mines Resorts and Golf Club unveils innovative membership programme

The Mines Resorts and Golf Club unveils innovative membership programme

KUALA LUMPUR,  (Bernama) — The Mines Resorts and Golf Club proudly unveiled their innovative membership programme, The Mines Golf Membership Airways, during the Selangor Aviation Show 2023 (SAS) today.

The Mines Resorts and Golf Club advisor and founder Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew in a statement said the membership offers an unprecedented concept of turning individuals into private charter owners.

He said a game of golf will be hosted at The Mines Resort and Golf Club for members who are interested, whereby, they only have to put in a deposit of US$10,000 to get the opportunity to tee off with him and the resort and golf club’s chairman Tan Sri Mohd Anwar Mohd Nor.

Lee who is also the founder of L1 Bank, said the event had gained interest from giants in the aviation sector, including Boeing, Gulfstream, Falcon, and Honda, all expressing eagerness to collaborate.

“Furthermore, our groundbreaking idea attracted a significant number of pre-registered attendees, showcasing their enthusiasm to sign up for the membership,” he added.

Those eager to delve deeper into aviation opportunities or explore membership details can email to [email protected] for more information.

Meanwhile, Lee said that SAS offered an esteemed platform for the resort and club to present its groundbreaking membership programs to a diverse audience.

“The Selangor Aviation Show in Subang serves as a notable platform for aviation industry players and business entrepreneurs to showcase their innovations. With our latest offering, we’re presenting a unique product that is unlike anything seen at other international airshows,” he said.


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