Two million visitors again to the United States

Two million visitors again to the United States

Travel from Germany to the United States of America has returned to pre-pandemic levels. Speaking at ITB Berlin, on Wednesday the US ambassador to Germany, Amy Gutmann, stated that the two million mark has again been exceeded, and is now within 85 per cent of the 2019 figure.

Initial booking results for this year reveal that it will approach 100 per cent in 2024, Gutmann added. The aim is to achieve a total of 2.59 million tourists from Germany by 2028. In tourism to the United States itself sustainability has been assigned the utmost priority. One example that the ambassador gave was of Springville in Utah, where stargazing has been included in the list of tourism activities. Throughout the country the state of Utah is renowned for its dark skies, which remain largely “unpolluted” by lighting produced by human activities, which is further enhanced by the natural and very dry air.

A Democratic supporter and political scientist, Gutmann emphasizes that the government of the United States actively supports tourism promotion, because this provides an excellent basis for growth and development and can help to reduce the division of the world resulting from different political systems.

The presentations at ITB Berlin have clearly shown that the efforts being made by many US cities, including those far from the major conurbations on the west and east coasts, are using new and unique features in an effort to attract vacationers. As the second largest metropolis on the east coast, Philadelphia describes itself as the “World Capital of Murals”. Attempts to replace illegal graffiti by more artistic paintings, with the active support of the city authorities, has resulted in the creation of over 4,000 examples of such work. House owners with walls suitable for painting can advertise for artists. “There is a long list of such owners”, according to Dayana Gschechowiak from the marketing agency WTS which has been commissioned by the city for this purpose.

St. Louis is not only promoting its Gateway Arch, a world heritage site, but also its location on Route 66 and the authentic American lifestyle, as represented by both the National Blues and National Automobile Museums.


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