Zuellig Pharma to Rollout the Volvo FE Electric truck for cold chain logistics

Zuellig Pharma to Rollout the Volvo FE Electric truck for cold chain logistics

TAIPEIFeb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The signing ceremony between Taikoo Motors, Zuellig Pharma, and Long Feng Medical Logistics confirmed the first delivery of a Volvo FE Electric truck for cold chain logistics in Taiwan, marking their partnership in promoting green transportation and heralding a new era of environmentally sustainable logistics.

Recognized by EcoVadis with the Platinum certification for three years in a row for their efforts in sustainability, over the past century, Zuellig Pharma provides world-class distribution, digital, and commercial services to support the ever-growing healthcare needs in Asia.

“The Zuellig Group was founded in 1922. As we celebrated our 100-year anniversary, we were also thinking about how to power our sustainable business for the next 100 years, placing a greater emphasis on the development of a sustainable future. As the largest healthcare service provider in Asia, with a business network spanning over 13 countries, the Zuellig Group is committed to achieve carbon neutral by 2030.

All the companies in our group are taking active steps towards our goal of being carbon neutral. It was with great pleasure to join hands with our long-time partner, Yin-Chin Cheng, President of Long Feng Medical Logistics, to take the lead in the introduction of an electric truck that is suitable for cold chain logistics, hoping to accelerate our pace towards a carbon-neutral future.” said John Chou, CEO from Zuellig Pharma Taiwan.

The Volvo FE Electric truck is capable of driving up to 300km. It not only produces minimal emissions but also reduces interferences from noises in urban areas which benefits the drivers, the residents, and the global climate.

The introduction of high-capacity batteries means that fewer batteries are needed for the same power available today, enabling further flexibility to suit customers individual transport needs.

If customers’ assignments require shorter ranges, they can increase their payload by using fewer batteries – with a payload increase of 605kg for every battery not carried. The new batteries offer 42% extra energy capacity and can be rapidly charged to 80% in just 90 minutes using DC charging technology, allowing customers to schedule their assignments more flexibly and saying goodbye to range anxiety.

Taikoo Motors is committed to provide the best services as well as total solutions for our customers individual transport needs.

Source: Volvo Trucks
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