Australian climber dies at Mount Everest – Reports

Australian climber dies at Mount Everest – Reports

MOSCOW: Australian mining engineer Jason Bernard Kennison, who was a member of an expedition to Mount Everest, has died while returning from a summit point, reported Sputnik quoting media reports.

Kennison, 40, died in the so called Balcony area at the height above 8,000 metres (26,200 feet) on Friday, the Himalayan Times reported, citing Asian Trekking managing director Dawa Steven Sherpa.

After the Australian started behaving abnormally at the South Summit, two Sherpa guides brought him to the Balcony, where he collapsed, the report said, adding that his remains were still at the site.

In 2006, Kennison was reportedly heavily injured in a road accident and had to spend years in recovery, having to learn how to walk. The man aimed to raise funds to help people in similar situations, the newspaper said.

Another climber, Malaysian police officer Ag Askandar bin Ampuan Yaacub, died on Mount Everest on Friday as well, the newspaper said, citing officials.

The ascent to Mount Everest can be extremely demanding for the human body due to changing oxygen levels and pressure on the way to the top and back. There have been 10 death incidents on Mount Everest in the last several months, with two people still missing.

At least 300 people died climbing the world’s highest mount since the beginning of records, with the number ticking up each year. The bodies of about 200 people have never been returned from Mount Everest.


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