Esscom Unveils ‘Friends of Sabah’ App to Enhance Tourist Safety

Esscom Unveils ‘Friends of Sabah’ App to Enhance Tourist Safety

Esscom is strategizing the development of a mobile application called “Friends of Sabah” to bolster safety measures for tourists traversing the eastern coast of the state.
According to Datuk Victor Sanjos, the commander of Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom), this app, once developed, aims to empower tourists to act promptly during emergencies.

Through the app, users can swiftly initiate SOS calls directly to Esscom’s operation center, as well as to other essential emergency response units such as the Fire and Rescue Department, hospitals, and the police. Additionally, the app will serve to inform Esscom of the tourists’ presence in the area.

Victor Sanjos disclosed these plans during an engagement session with stakeholders in the tourism sector, organized by the Sabah Tourism Board at a local hotel. Responding to suggestions from tourism stakeholders regarding the terminology used for the curfew, Victor informed that the Sabah Sea curfew has been rebranded as the Esszone Movement Control Order since October 17 last year.

Present at the session were state Tourism, Culture, and Environment minister Datuk Christina Liew and her assistant minister, Datuk Joniston Bangkuai. Liew expressed appreciation for the reassurance provided by security forces concerning safety in Sabah, highlighting its significance in boosting international travelers’ confidence and attracting potential investors.

She endorsed Victor’s proposal that industry players should actively communicate the state’s level of safety and security to international clients or guests. Additionally, Liew emphasized the importance of preserving the environment and adhering to best practices and operational standards for the collective welfare.

Source: Agency /Dino

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