Family asks Malaysians to pray Everest climber Muhammad Hawari will be found safe

Family asks Malaysians to pray Everest climber Muhammad Hawari will be found safe

KEPALA BATAS — The family of hearing-impaired Malaysian Everest 2023 (ME2023) expedition participant Muhammad Hawari Hashim, 33, who was reported missing on Friday, is asking all Malaysians to pray that he will be found safe.

His mother Che Tom Hassan, 64, said the family has not received any news or messages from Muhammad Hawari who is the third of five siblings.

“We( family) found out about the missing Warie (nickname) through social media yesterday morning and I tried to contact his team to get the latest information about him but failed.

“The last time I was able to contact him was when Warie was at Camp Two, he asked us all to pray and recite the Yassin (verses from the Quran) for him to be able to climb to the top of Everest and and told us not to worry about him.. he was OK and safe.

“After that, on Thursday, we got information that Warie had successfully climbed to the top of Everest and that was news that made our family happy before yesterday morning when we found out he was missing. We ask for the prayers of all Malaysians that Warie is found safe,“ she told reporters when met at her house in Permatang Kerai Besar, here today.

Che Tom said that despite being shocked by the news of her son going missing, the family, including Muhammad Hawari’s wife and two children, remained positive that he would return to his family safely.

She said the family also expressed their gratitude to all parties who held special prayers and recitations of the Yassin to pray for the safety and well-being of Muhammad Hawari.

“Ever since he was in primary school, Warie aspired to climb to the top of Mount Everest and he is actually someone who is always enthusiastic, confident and active… he used to participate in all the sports and competitions at school,“ she said, holding back tears several times.

She hopes that the relevant parties can channel developments or information about the search for Muhammad Hawari there so that the family receives accurate news.

“Until now , we have not been able to get any information or news about Warie, as a mother it is sad but at the same time makcik (auntie) needs to be strong and always pray that my son will be found safe soon,“ she said.

Meanwhile, PAS Youth’s Department of Arts, Culture and Sports (DACS) will hold a solat hajat (special prayers) tonight for the safety of Muhammad Hawari Hashim.

DACS’ Information and New Media Unit in a post on Facebook today said the solat hajat will be held at the Kampung Banggol Mosque, Pokok Sena here, after the Isyak prayer tonight and the public is invited to join.

“Yesterday, we received the sad news that a member of Kelab Explorasi Altitud (ATC), Muhammad Hawari, went missing while on a Mount Everest expedition and that he is a hearing Impaired person who participated in the Malaysian Everest 2023 Mission organised by ATC.

“DACS would like to invite all those who are concerned and all clubs under DACS to come to the Kampung Banggol Mosque tonight to hold prayers together to pray for his well-being,“ the post read.

Muhammad Hawari, who is a native of Permatang Kerai Besar, started his journey to Nepal on April 1 for the mission to conquer the summit of Everest.. The expedition is scheduled to be until June 11.

Muhammad Hawari Hashim is believed to have gone missing while descending from Camp Four of the world’s highest mountain on Friday. News of his missing was reported by the Nepali media. – Bernama

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