FAO backs Cuban project to reduce food loss

FAO backs Cuban project to reduce food loss

HAVANA, Oct 8 (NNN-ACN) — A project aimed at preventing and reducing food loss and waste was adopted in Cuba with the technical assistance of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The project was presented and ratified at the 4th Meeting of the National Committee for the Prevention and Reduction of food Loss and Wastes, in tune with the Law on Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security, according to the Cuba-based FAO office.

The project states a series of indications to get into force next year along with a basic technical guide to train all agents from local food systems involved in production, transportation, commercialization and consumption.

During the meeting, presided over by Cuban Agriculture Minister Ydael Perez, the FAO official for Policies in Food Systems Joao Intini sent a message stressing the importance of addressing the problems facing the food security of millions of people in order to achieve noticeable benefits at social, economic, and environmental levels.

The official acknowledged the steps taken by Cuba to actively face food security problems, particularly the adoption of a plan and a law on food Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security and the setting of a national committee for the prevention and reduction of food wastes.


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