Flirtini Releases New AI Assistant Powered by ChatGPT to Help Online Daters Have Stress-Free Conversations

Flirtini Releases New AI Assistant Powered by ChatGPT to Help Online Daters Have Stress-Free Conversations

The Flirtini dating app has built a suite of AI tools to provide advice, generate ice breakers, and create optimized profile descriptions

SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The hardest part about online dating is deciding what to say to someone you’ve never met. Dating app Flirtini is looking to solve that challenge by integrating new AI features that help foster easy communication, allowing users to stress less and flirt more. Demand for these new features was evident in a recent survey of over 1,000 users conducted by Flirtini, in which 69% of dating app users were either positive or neutral about adding AI features to their dating experiences.

The biggest addition to Flirtini’s app is a ChatGPT-based assistant called “Fliry,” which will be on demand 24/7 to help users with a variety of tasks. Users will be able to choose from either a robot avatar or a bunny avatar to be the face of their “Fliry” assistant. The tool is designed to provide timely advice without taking control, ensuring the dating experience remains authentically human.

New Features include:

AI personal assistant — pinned to the top of the chat list, “Fliry” will be available any time to offer advice or provide chat help
Profile description generator — based on demographic information and interests provided, this tool can generate an attention-grabbing descriptions to strengthen any profile
Icebreaker question generator — this tool can help initiate chats and generate exciting questions to keep matches interested, guiding the conversation when users are feeling stuck
The new tools are designed to boost the success and enjoyment of online daters. According to Flirtini’s in-house data, users who complete the “About Me” section in their Flirtini profiles receive 87% more likes, 79% more incoming conversations, and 43% more profile visits. Additionally, 25% of users consider an icebreaker feature the most crucial in reducing dating-related stress and making the dating process smoother, especially for men.

“At Flirtini, we want to do everything we can to make online dating as easy and enjoyable as possible,” said Flirtini CEO Tatiana Tagaeva. “We don’t want users to have to stress about crafting the perfect profile, or to lose opportunities with matches because they don’t think they can come up with an interesting enough opener on their own. We’re excited to see how they will use these features to get more matches and make more lasting connections.”

In addition to the AI assistant, Flirtini has also released an AI-powered photo editing tool and a range of makeup tools that users can access to enhance their profile pictures. Plus, Flirtini has released new privacy features that enable users to move chats to a secret folder, change the Flirtini icon, customize push notifications, and set a Face ID or password requirement in order to launch the app.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to help make the dating process feel easier and more relaxed, enabling conversations to happen more naturally once that initial pressure is off,” said Flirtini’s resident dating expert and coach Rikki Dymond. “However, I do caution everyone to use these features with care. The foundation of a solid relationship is built on truth and honesty, so make sure that it’s YOU leading the way, not AI.”

With over 1 million app downloads, Flirtini aims to provide a fun, carefree dating experience for all of its users. By leveraging insights from its in-house data and analytics, Flirtini is able to adapt its dating process to help users find more success, and enjoy the dating process along the way. Other unique features from Flirtini include live stories to showcase your day, and blocking of screen capturing to provide an extra layer of privacy.

About Flirtini

Flirtini is an innovative dating and social discovery app that allows users to easily find like-minded people, connecting them based on conversational chemistry in a safe environment. The use of special account verification technology and AI neural networks ensures precise matchmaking, avoiding scam and fake profiles. The Flirtini app is available for download in the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

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