Global FOUP/Cassette Manufacturers Place Multisystem EAGLEi 300 Wafer Carrier Inspection Tool Orders

Global FOUP/Cassette Manufacturers Place Multisystem EAGLEi 300 Wafer Carrier Inspection Tool Orders

COOPERSBERG, Pa., June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SHELLBACK Semiconductor Technology announced the receipt of multiple EAGLEi 300 Wafer Carrier Inspection system orders from several key FOUP & cassette manufacturers around the globe. These orders, along with recent EAGLEi 200 & 300 orders for fabs, highlight SHELLBACK’s commitment to providing the industry’s best carrier inspection systems designed with unparalleled accuracy. Wayne Jeveli, President & CEO of SHELLBACK, stated, “We are thrilled to support the industry with our EAGLEi Carrier Inspection technology and value the trust carrier manufacturers put in EAGLEi to validate critical carrier dimensions as a part of their world class manufacturing process. EAGLEi is the most accurate carrier inspection system in the market, benefiting from our collaboration with carrier manufacturers and fabs. These orders are a credit to the hard work of our team and a recognition of our best-in-class technology.”

EAGLEi systems are in use in major semiconductor fabs throughout the world, improving fab yield by offering accurate, programmable multipoint wafer carrier inspection as a pre and post clean step to ensure only carriers within tolerance re-enter production. EAGLEi 200 is available for 2″ to 200mm wafer cassette & carrier inspection and EAGLEi 300 for automated 300mm FOUP and FOSB wafer carrier inspection.


SHELLBACK Semiconductor Technology represents the union of two industry-leading proven semiconductor brands—OEM Group and RITE Track—with a combined 50-years of experience around the globe. Sharing a commitment to pioneering intellectual property and unparalleled customer service, SHELLBACK provides new and remanufactured semiconductor capital equipment and services to enable emerging and legacy markets, such as Power, Photonics & LED, MEMS & Sensors, Wireless & Analog, and Memory/ Storage. With one of the industry’s largest installed bases of equipment at over 600+ customers world-wide, SHELLBACK offers proprietary products from SEMITOOL, VARIAN, Applied P5000, SVG Track, and more, as well as a combination of best-in-class technologies for Wafer Carrier Inspection and Cleaning- the EAGLEi and STORM.

SOURCE SHELLBACK Semiconductor Technology

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