Heavy rain, thunderstorms predicted for first Raya evening: MetMalaysia

Heavy rain, thunderstorms predicted for first Raya evening: MetMalaysia

Almost entire west coast of peninsula along with parts of S’wak to see wet weather

KUALA LUMPUR – Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected over western Peninsular Malaysia on the first evening of Hari Raya today until 7pm, the Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) said.
Almost the entire west coast of the peninsula will be affected, according to a weather advisory map the department posted on Twitter.

In Kedah, rain and thunderstorms are expected in Kota Star, Pokok Sena, Padang Terap, Yan, Pendang, Kuala Muda, Sik, Baling, Kulim and Bandar Baharu, while all of Penang and Perak will likely be affected.

In Selangor, wet weather is predicted for Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Hulu Selangor, Gombak, Petaling and Hulu Langat, and similarly for all of Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Johor.

Parts of Pahang will also experience heavy rain and thunderstorms, including Jerantut, Bentong and Rompin, as will Jelebu, Seremban, Kuala Pilah, Rembau and Tampin in Negri Sembilan.

Parts of Sarawak will also experience thunderstorms with heavy rain in Sri Aman, Sibu, Kapit, Beluru, Telang Usan, Marudi and Limbang.

MetMalaysia said recently that the Hari Raya festive period would see bouts of rainfall as part of the ongoing monsoon transition phase which began mid-March and is expected to last for two months. During this period, scattered thunderstorms and heavy rains are predicted.

However, the coming southwest monsoon phase will result in most states experiencing more days without rain, from the middle of May until September, and worsening haze along with hotter and drier spells are expected during these months.

– The Vibes, April 22, 2023

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