Helcim Introduces Zero-Cost Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses

Helcim Introduces Zero-Cost Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses

Small businesses looking to save on payment processing can easily use Helcim Fee Saver.

CALGARY, AB, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Helcim, a transparent and affordable payments company, is excited to announce its latest feature – Helcim Fee Saver. Designed to help small businesses reduce payment processing fees and easily navigate the often complicated rules around credit card surcharging and convenience fees, merchants now have the option to pass on a set fee to their customer’s billing when they choose to pay using credit cards.

Nearly 20% of small businesses say that they’d consider introducing an extra fee for customers choosing to pay with credit cards. With the more widespread adoption of credit card surcharging and convenience fees across North America, Helcim built a simplified tool that makes it easy for merchants to pass credit card fees onto their customers and benefit from zero cost credit card processing.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and we’re always looking for ways to support them,” said Nic Beique, CEO of Helcim. “With Helcim Fee Saver, we’re offering a solution that helps small businesses further save money on payment processing fees, so they can focus on growing their business.”

With Helcim Fee Saver enabled, businesses can give their customers the choice between paying with a credit card or through an ACH payment directly from their bank account. If customers choose the convenience of paying with a credit card, Helcim Fee Saver charges customers a fixed rate on top of their purchase, meaning the merchant themself does not incur any fees for processing that credit card. If the customer chooses to pay with ACH, the merchant only pays Helcim’s affordable ACH fee, which is significantly lower than typical credit card processing fees.

“Helcim Fee Saver is a great product for our business to be able to pass on the fees,” shares Helcim merchant Dr. Jay Wang of Veridian Wellness Clinic. “It will surely help us drive our cost down while also maintaining that relationship with customers, because it offers them a choice on how to pay.”

Compared to other exclusive add-on fees, such as credit card surcharging and service fees, setting up Helcim Fee Saver is easier and can be done almost instantaneously through a simple toggle within Helcim’s settings. Once enabled, merchants have the option to enable Fee Saver on any individual invoices they send through Helcim’s platform.

For more information on the Helcim Fee Saver tool please visit our website.

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Helcim is on a mission to be the world’s most loved payments company by giving small businesses every possible edge to thrive and enrich our communities. The company delivers an easier, smarter, and more affordable payment experience with a human touch. Helcim serves thousands of businesses in Canada and the US across 800 different industries, processing billions in payments each year.


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