HONGQI E-HS9 Will Make Its Debut at 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed

HONGQI E-HS9 Will Make Its Debut at 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed

BEIJING, July 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The E-HS9, HONGQI’s high-end electric SUV, will be unveiled at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed with the EH7 and EHS7, showcasing the outstanding performance and design of China’s luxury electric vehicle.

In the famous hill climb race at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, cars from all over the world, of all types, sizes, horsepower, and vintages, will compete against each other on this stage. This is not merely a racing spectacle but also a significant platform for the preservation and promotion of motorsport culture. The audience can relish the exhilarating performances of numerous cars and drivers while fully immersing themselves in the thrill of speed. It’s noteworthy that the E-HS9 also participates in the hill climb race, competing alongside and surpassing the world’s top luxury cars.

The HONGQI E-HS9 has garnered considerable attention in the international market since its launch. In terms of exterior design, it incorporates elements of Chinese culture with a modern technological touch, exuding a strong sense of luxury from the inside out. Additionally, it is powered by a high-performance ternary lithium-ion power battery and a dual-motor four-wheel drive system, achieving ultimate performance based on safety. Furthermore, it incorporates advanced technologies such as intelligent driving, wireless charging, and seven-screen interaction. The E-HS9 has already entered Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Germany, and is soon to be launched in France.

The partnership with the Goodwood Festival of Speed not only enhances the international visibility of the HONGQI brand but also showcases Chinese brands’ unwavering pursuit of quality, innovation, and service to the world. In the future, HONGQI will continue to advance research and development in new energy technology and product innovation, offering European customers a “better ride, better life” experience unique to the HONGQI brand.


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