Hotel Provintia Tainan Inviting Travelers to Take a Fresh Look of Taiwan’s Oldest City with New Experience

Hotel Provintia Tainan Inviting Travelers to Take a Fresh Look of Taiwan’s Oldest City with New Experience

AINANJuly 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Located in the heart of old town district of Tainan since 1985, Provintia is the only hotel in the area with an excellent view overlooking the most fascinating historical buildings Chikan Tower.

The property’s renovation project since 2020 has recently been completed by renowned interior design firm “SkilLability dept,” and has been transformed from a legendary hotel (previous as Hotel Plaza) witnessing the history and times of Tainan to the landmark leading the Newtro waves, mixing the Taiwanese and European luxuriant styles of decor.

“Adventure in the Old Town of Tainan” priced at NT$6999(~US$235) onwards is the new room package offered, allowing couples or friends to discover the unseen of Tainan city.

The offer includes a one-night stay in a Deluxe Room, daily breakfast for two at restaurant La Cupola, a 90-minute tour guided by “SkilLability dept” architect.

Couple of useful tools to enlighten the experiences such as a PASS MAP with Hotel Provintia’s picks of to-go and to-do, one free rental of Polaroid, two sets of Polaroid films, and 2 bottles of S. Pellegrino sparkling water within a Provintia branded tailormade drawstring mini tote bag. Guests can enjoy buy-one-get-one free promotion during Happy Hour and Welcome Drink at level 1 bar named “NAN Bar 1.”

This package is available on limited dates from August to October.  For more reservations, please call +886-06-229-0271 or email: [email protected]. Online at For more information, please visit hotel official website at:

Executive Assistant to the Chairman of Hotel Provintia, Mr. August Lin shared, “From La Plaza, which many elderly Tainaners have common memories of, to Provintia Hotel today, we hope our local indie hotel brand will become the most awaited corner for world travelers who come to Tainan.

There are a lot of hidden gems in this city and the best way to explore them is to walk around at the back alleys.  We have also created a PASS MAP with none-mainstream shops providing exclusive presents and discount, hoping to bring you a unique experience to your Tainan trip.”

Provintia Hotel contains 90 guest rooms occupying level 5 to level 12, five room types, from Bunk Beds, Standard, Deluxe, Cozy to Provintia Suite. The designing firm “SkilLability dept” utilized dark wooden panel with antique brass and elegant woven rattan cleverly combining the Mini Bar, Open Closet and Dressing Mirror into a stylish furniture in the room.

A selection of Tainan’s handicrafts placed in the room are both functional and fabulous. Take the coffee & tea holder jar on the Mini Bar for example. It is made by nearby “Long Xin Zink (隆興錏鉛店),” a hardware store with more than 60 years of history. The in-room amenity bag, hair dryer bag and the mosquito-repellent incense holder are designed and manufactured exclusively for the hotel by the century-old fabric house “Gimgoanheng Est. 1923 (錦源興).

The dark wooden panel headboard, small tiles of warm brown and blue, antique brass bed lamp which travelers with exquisite charm and taste. All rooms are equipped with gramophone, guests can bring their own vinyl records or rental free music library on level 1 information reception.

Get an analog sound that reverberates and creates a warm sound you can’t find in any other medium.  All rooms have individual shower and bathtub, Washlet, high quality amenities, jasper-green marble stone wash basin.

US Imported SPF timber bed and mattress with individually pocketed coils underneath are supportive and keep the spine properly aligned. Two kinds of pillow, firm or fluffy, are provided for a good time sleep throughout the night.

Converting Tainan Element into Design
Bringing the Back Alley, Park, Arcade Machine to Level 8 Public Area

In addition to the 7 bunker beds room, level 8 public area is equipped with facilities such as, library, meeting room, retro gaming room, self-service laundry, mini gym and an open kitchen.  Provintial Hotel partnered with Eslite bookstore to handpick collections of books by theme of Tainan, whilst Boven provide monthly magazine internationally. Guests can bring back the reading materials to the room, or at the library designed by SkilLability dept. The usage of ironware of seats, outdoor furniture and tile facades mimic the intermingling semi-outdoor and residential houses, as if we were walking through the back alleys of Tainan. The view to the right is a 7-metre high wall with two antique clocks frozen forever to mark the best moments of happiness. Remember the local arcade after finishing schoolwork?  Guest can re-live all of that again at the retro gaming room for free.  Long stay guests’ favorite self-service laundry and the mini gym for the foodies overeating the best local bites.  Simple kitchen utensils, cutlery and plates are provided in the open kitchen. Guests can also enjoy complementary tea or coffee here.

Level R, Restaurant La Cupola
Enjoy an Exquisite Dining Experience with Mix of Taiwanese and European Chic

La Cupola located at level R is among the first Western restaurants in Tainan and has been the designated dining venue for celebrities since its opening.  Redesigned by the SkilLability dept.  the wooden structure, arches and red velvet-topped chairs are used for the exclusive VIP booths, like those found above the stage of an opera house or in a European luxury train. The vignette lighting recreates the European chic that was popular in the Taiwan’s social scenes back at the 80s.  There are 3 types of signature breakfast including Milk Fish Porridge Taiwanese style, Steamed Rice with Salmon Roe Japanese style, Oatmeal Western style, all come with condiments in a 9-grid platter. Other chef’s recommendations: Pork Knuckle with Sauerkraut German Style, Duck Confit, Lamb Chop with Shredded Pistachios.

Get Ready for a Unique Time Travel Experience through Level 1 Portal to the “Provintia Living Room” and “NAN Bar 1” Bringing You Back to the Good Old Times

Entering the ground floor of Provintia Hotel, the living room and reception welcome guests at the lefthand side, while the bar “NAN Bar 1” at the right. SkilLability dept’s design with solid wood flooring made of teak parquet, echoing the common parquet flooring a luxurious living room of the rich in the 1970s in Taiwan. The design inspiration of using stainless steel comes from the local shaved ice & fruit spilt shop. Mix matched with dark wooden panels and marble textures, a bold and modern approach to create a retro and futuristic feel when walking through the doorway.  The old-fashioned way to storage the keys on the way, with two bespoke classic bank lamps on the marble and stainless-steel base, lighting up the room to a retro yet familiar, all reminiscing the images from many old European films.

NAN Bar 1 on the other side of the living room named after Tai-NAN, derived from the sound of number one is the first natural wine themed bar among the Tainan hotels.  Other beverages of selections of best brands from Taiwan including Ugly Half Beer, Zestea Kombucha, and the champion cold brew from award-winning 60+ TEA SHOP.  The pastry kitchen also prepare different varieties of sweets and bites, such as mini croissant, cannel, and madeleine.  Enjoy Buy-one-get-one free promotion at Daily Happy Hours from 17:30-21:30. The perfect place, synced with European lifestyle, for inhouse guests and their friends to enjoy pre-drinks and gathering.

The PASS Map within the “Adventure in the Old Town of Tainan” Room Package is designed by SkilLability dept and Foodie Amber, the first consulting company focused on fostering Taiwan’s food & beverage culture.  The map features 10 offbeat shops including, Pankoko, zyuu stubo, PARIPARI apt., BĀN TÊ, Ninao bakery, StableNice BLDG., Asha Restaurant, WenTing Museum, Asuka Antique, Moonrock.  Present the PASS map and enjoy special offers and gifts exclusively for guests of Hotel Provintia Tainan, offer valid from 12 July 2023 to 31 January 2024.

Hotel Provintia Tainan
Room Package “Adventure in the Old Town of Tainan”

Price: NT$6,999 (~US$235) onwards
Available Date: 8/12、8/13、9/9、9/10、10/14、10/15

Package includes:

  1. One-night stay in a Deluxe Room
  2. Daily breakfast for two at restaurant La Cupola
  3. A 90-minute tour guided by “SkilLability dept” architect
  4. PASS MAP with Provintia’s picks of to-go and to-do, one free rental of Polaroid, two sets of Polaroid films, and 2 bottles of S. Pellegrino sparkling water within a Provintia branded tailormade drawstring mini tote bag.
  5. Buy-one-get-one free promotion during Happy Hour at Level 1 “NAN Bar 1”
  6. Welcome Drink voucher at Level 1 “NAN Bar 1”

Address:202, Cheng Kong Road, Tainan City, Taiwan
EMAIL:[email protected]
Online Booking:

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