Iraqi Security Forces Dismantled Drug Trafficking Network

Iraqi Security Forces Dismantled Drug Trafficking Network

BAGHDAD, Apr 2 (NNN-NINA) – The Iraqi security forces said yesterday that, they have dismantled a drug trafficking network and seized one million narcotic pills in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Acting on intelligence reports, a security force affiliated with the Director General of Intelligence and Security (DGIS) of the Defence Ministry, conducted a raid on the traffickers’ safe house and seized about a million pills of narcotic Captagon, according to a statement by the DGIS.

The confiscated narcotic pills were prepared to be smuggled out of the country, the statement added, without giving further details about the number of the network members arrested.

The chaos and conflicts that have engulfed Iraq since the U.S. invasion in 2003, have impeded successive Iraqi governments from effectively addressing the threat of drugs.

In May last year, Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani, underlined the importance of waging “a war on drugs,” saying, drug dealing remains one of the main ways of financing terrorism, and the circulation of drugs flourishes in the shadow of terrorism.


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