Malaysia Considers Regulations Requiring Google and Meta to Compensate News Outlets

Malaysia Considers Regulations Requiring Google and Meta to Compensate News Outlets

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is exploring the possibility of implementing regulations that would mandate internet giants Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook parent company, Meta Platforms, to provide compensation to news outlets for the utilization of their content.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) disclosed that it is currently engaged in dialogues with Google, Meta, and other prominent online platforms to establish a regulatory framework. This framework, if enacted, would resemble the rules enforced in Australia back in 2021. In Australia, it became obligatory for Google and Meta to remunerate media organizations for content that drives website traffic and advertising revenue.

Furthermore, the MCMC is contemplating regulations similar to Canada’s Bill C-11, which seeks to oversee streaming platforms and obligates them to support Canadian content.

These proposed regulations are part of the government’s efforts to rectify income disparities between digital platforms and local media while ensuring equitable compensation for creators of news content. Additionally, the MCMC is in talks with social media platforms to address issues related to online harm, including child exploitation material, online gambling, and financial scams.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia has escalated its scrutiny of online content. Earlier this year, Malaysia had announced plans to initiate legal action against Meta due to its alleged failure to combat harmful content on the Facebook platform. However, following subsequent discussions with the company, Malaysia eventually abandoned this course of action.


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