Mushiny Introduces Revolutionary 3D Sorter to International Audience at LogiMAT Stuttgart

Mushiny Introduces Revolutionary 3D Sorter to International Audience at LogiMAT Stuttgart

STUTTGART, Germany, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Mushiny Intelligence (“Mushiny”), the world’s leading expert in intelligent systems for logistics robots, made a significant impact at LogiMAT Stuttgart with the international debut of its innovative product, the 3D Sorter, gaining much attention among exhibition visitors.

The release of the 3D Sorter Intelligent Sorting Solution solves a number of challenges in the order fulfilment process that cannot be met by traditional manual putwalls or other automated methods: for example, bottlenecks in order sorting efficiency due to a sudden growth in business, and the sorting of soft-packaged goods, rapid sorting of flat pieces, sorting of perishable goods such as books, and flexible sorting of pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs, which require full traceability.

The 3D Sorter brings the following benefits:

Improvement in order fulfilment efficiency, with the highest efficiency exceeding 10,000 pph (up to 14,400 items per hour).
Sorting efficiency increased by 3~5 times.
Better ROI. Take an apparel F2C enterprise as an example, after investing in 3D Sorter and optimizing the warehouse commodity storage rules and picking waves and picking paths, the overall average picking efficiency is increased by 4.7 times, and the sorting accuracy doubled, realizing the ROI return of about 1.5 years under the average labour cost.
Save70% of space compared with the traditional cross belt sorter
About Mushiny

Founded in 2016, Mushiny is the world’s leading tech company specializing in logistics robot intelligent systems. Mushiny divides its business into two units: Intelligent Warehousing Division provides customers with custom-made intelligent warehousing solutions, offering rapid delivery in 60 days worldwide. Mushiny provides optimal warehouse management and operational solutions for factories and warehouses in various industries.

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