Stormy, Snowy Weather Expected Across Japan: Weather Agency

Stormy, Snowy Weather Expected Across Japan: Weather Agency

TOKYO, Mac 20 (NNN-NHK) – Japan’s weather agency, today said, strong winds and high waves are expected across the country, and warned of heavy snow along mountainous areas.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said, winds are intensifying, mainly in western and eastern Japan, due to the influence of a low-pressure system, which is expected to pass through eastern Japan, while developing, bringing strong winds to large parts of Japan, from west to north and causing high waves.

As of 5.00 a.m. local time this morning, maximum instantaneous wind speeds of 89 km per hour were observed in Uwajima city, in Ehime Prefecture in western Japan.

Maximum winds of about 90 km per hour are forecast in the Hokuriku and Shikoku regions, 82 km per hour in the Tohoku, Kanto-Koshin, Tokai, Kinki and Chugoku regions, and 72 km per hour in northern Kyushu, the agency said, noting, gusts of around 108 to 126 km per hour are expected in these areas.

Weather officials urged people to be alert for gusty winds, high waves, heavy snow, as well as, the possibility of lightning strikes and tornadoes.

The JMA also said, heavy snow is expected in mountainous areas, along the Sea of Japan coast, from western through eastern Japan, due to an unseasonably cold air mass flowing in, as the low-pressure system passes by.

In the 24 hours through tomorrow morning, up to 70 cm of snowfall is expected in the Hokuriku region, 60 cm in the Kanto-Koshin region, and 40 cm in the Chugoku region.


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