Six Charged Amid Attempt To Smuggle Methamphetamine To Australia

Six Charged Amid Attempt To Smuggle Methamphetamine To Australia

CANBERRA, Jun 15 (NNN-AAP) – Australian authorities have charged six men, in connection with one of the biggest drug busts in the country’s history. The Australian Federal Police (AFP), today revealed, they have seized more than six tonnes of liquid and crystal methamphetamine, imported to Australia from Canada, in four separate shipments over five months.

Two men have been charged with attempting to import a commercial quantity of border-controlled drugs, if convicted, will face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Four more men, including a U.S. national, have been charged with offenses relating to trying to buy methamphetamine in Australia.

It is estimated that the seized methamphetamine amounted to almost 19 million individual street deals, with a total value of 1.7 billion Australian dollars (1.1 billion U.S. dollars).

The illicit drugs were found concealed in canola oil bottles, bound for Victoria and New South Wales – Australia’s most populous states – and replaced with harmless substances to give authorities time to identify offenders.

Alison Money, AFP chief medical officer, said, methamphetamine was highly addictive and had a significant physical, mental and social impact on users.

“Every day, on average, 40 people are admitted to Australian hospitals from methamphetamine, heroin or cocaine use,” Money said, in a media release.

“Every week, on average, 16 Australians die from heroin, amphetamine or cocaine overdose.”


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