The World’s Biggest Wavepool Is Coming to Abu Dhabi

The World’s Biggest Wavepool Is Coming to Abu Dhabi

A new project from Modon Properties has been announced, located on Abu Dhabi’s Hudayriyat Island, and featuring what they’re calling the world’s “largest man-made wave pool.”

“Set to open by the end of 2023, Surf Abu Dhabi will be the biggest and most advanced artificial wave facility in the world. Designed in partnership with Kelly Slater Wave Co., the landmark destination will offer a high-performance surfing experience, featuring the world’s longest ride, biggest barrel, and largest man-made wave pool. Underscoring Abu Dhabi’s sporting and leisure credentials, the exclusive surfing complex seeks to attract everyone from beginners to pro-surfers. Surf Abu Dhabi will provide an ideal location to host major international events and will play a major role in developing the surfing community locally, regionally, and globally.”

Specifics on just how big the pool will be, and the size of the waves it will be able to produce, are still scarce. However, per a report from TimeOut, the pool will span 51 million square meters. The Surf Ranch in Lemoore, CA is reportedly 2,300 feet long – that’s only 700 meters.

So, it’s bigger. Much bigger. You do the maths.


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