Sudanese Entrepreneurs Enthusiastic to Increase Trade with Indonesia

Sudanese Entrepreneurs Enthusiastic to Increase Trade with Indonesia

Khartoum, Sudan – Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Sudan, Sunarko, along with the staff of the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum, attended a dynamic meeting on Friday (26/1) with a group of Sudanese businessmen who are members of the Port Sudan International Club. The meeting was attended directly by Mr. Abdalla, General Manager of Bank Al-Balad Sudan, together with leading figures from the business community in Port Sudan.

The discussion focused on the development and follow-up of trade transactions as well as the realization of business commitments between the two countries. The main discussion included plans to purchase Indonesian products by Sudanese entrepreneurs and the potential for business cooperation between Indonesia and Sudan.

The meeting also discussed recent developments in Sudan’s market and economic conditions, especially in Port Sudan, which continues to develop despite challenges in the current situation.  Expressing his readiness to continue providing support, the Indonesian Ambassador conveyed the commitment of the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum to facilitate concrete collaboration between Sudanese importers and Indonesian exporters. The Indonesian Ambassador expressed his appreciation for the increasing relations and cooperation between the Sudanese and Indonesian business communities.

The Indonesian Ambassador also emphasized the enormous economic and trade potential between Indonesia and Sudan, encouraging  all stakeholders in Sudan to actively open up opportunities to increase Indonesia-Sudan trade cooperation.

Source: Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum
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