Tourism Malaysia launches new scuba diving packages, promotion video and contest

Tourism Malaysia launches new scuba diving packages, promotion video and contest

KUALA LUMPUR – Leveraging the potential of the water sports segment, especially scuba diving, in attracting tourist arrivals to the country, Tourism Malaysia today launched a new 4-minute promotional video entitled “Dive Into The Unimaginable” featuring the wonders of the underwater kaleidoscope and stunning array of aquatic flora and fauna available in Malaysia.

The rich biodiversity of marine life with warm, clear waters, beautiful islands and breathtaking beaches – keep divers coming back to Malaysia. Several enchanting islands, including Tioman and Aur Islands in Johor, Kapas Island and Perhentian Island in Terengganu, and the crystal-clear waters of Sipadan in Sabah, are amongst the best diving spots featured in the video.

To complement the promotional video, Tourism Malaysia has also launched a new compilation of 41 special scuba diving packages – “Dive Into The Unimaginable Packages” that will be promoted domestically and internationally through all channels available, including its social media platforms and overseas offices.

Customising diving experience to all levels of diving expertise, these new tailored packages will suit everyone – whether for first-timers, amateurs or professional divers. On the other hand, a team of expert instructors and guides will ensure safety, and the packages include accommodation, meals, and transportation, serving the convenience of tourists throughout their stay in Malaysia.

Datuk Musa Yusof, Deputy Director-General (Promotions) of Tourism Malaysia, said: “To hype more scuba diving enthusiasts’ interest, we also organise an online contest in which participants can share their videos and pictures of their best experience indulging in scuba diving in Malaysia and stand a chance to win special diving packages and more.”

Both scuba diving packages and the contest will be promoted during the Malaysia International Dive Exhibition (MIDE) from 26-28 May at Malaysia International Trade and

Exhibition Centre (MITEC), Kuala Lumpur. Eight agents will participate with Tourism Malaysia in this yearly expo which aims to boost the diving industry and attract an average of 12,000 visitors.


About Tourism Malaysia

Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, also known as Tourism Malaysia, is an agency under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia. It focuses on the specific task of promoting Malaysia as a preferred tourism destination. Since its inception, it has emerged as a major player in the international tourism scene. For more information, visit Tourism Malaysia’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

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