World of Dypians: A Virtual World that allows users to play in & build out a thriving Metaverse

World of Dypians: A Virtual World that allows users to play in & build out a thriving Metaverse

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Since the metaverse rose to the mainstream in the Fall of 2021, the technology has received massive attention from game developers and Web3 projects.

According to estimates, the metaverse has over 400 million monthly active users and is projected to become a $900 billion dollar market by 2030.

World of Dypians, the biggest metaverse sandbox gaming platform ever built, aims to capture a piece of this market through its unique metropolis landscapes and exciting gameplay.

World of Dypians features multiple blockchain support and is live on both Ethereum and BNB Chain mainnets. The World of Dypians metaverse has attracted thousands of users, of which 2,800 beta testers are currently enjoying the platform and 7,000 additional applicants are in line for access.

The World of Dypians goal is to create a metaverse that will introduce new users to crypto through engaging content, educational campaigns such as crypto museums, and exciting gameplay. Prominent players in the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem have already begun partnering with World of Dypians, including Chainlink, KuCoin, Coin98, Avalanche,, MEXC Global, and Easy2Stake.

“As the CEO of Dypius, I firmly believe the future holds immense promise and excitement for the World of Dypians. Our incredible community of passionate players, combined with groundbreaking technologies and innovative storytelling, paves the way for a bright and extraordinary future. Together, we’ll continue to push boundaries, unlock new dimensions of imagination, and create a truly immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of gaming.

The adventure has only just begun, and I’m thrilled to embark on this journey with each and every Dypian out there. The future is ours to shape, and together we’ll redefine what it means to be a part of this incredible virtual universe.” – Mihai Nicusor, Dypius CEO

World of Dypians (WoD) Metaverse & Gameplay

World of Dypians (WoD) is a massive multiplayer online role-making game that’s set in a vast digital environment. WoD features an expansive 2,000 square kilometer virtual world with AI, NFT functionality, and high-resolution graphics. In the WoD metaverse, players and users can explore through endless maps and participate in thrilling activities such as hunting wild creatures, earning rewards, and purchasing NFTs.

There are five key game elements that make WoD stand out among its peers: Campaign Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Open World, Sandbox, and Play to Earn.

WoD’s Campaign Mode allows players to journey through maps, complete challenges, and gain rewards. Players can battle creatures such as wild bears, forge new items, and loot materials. For those looking for more social interaction, WoD’s Multiplayer Mode allows players to immerse themselves in intense gameplay by competing with others from across the globe. You can fight together, join clans, chat with teammates, and battle with others to advance in the ranks.

For the creative types, WoD’s Open World concept gives users the freedom to discover new territories, battle bosses, and stock up on in-game gear. On top of that, WoD is a Sandbox that allows players to build structures and create landscapes according to their imaginations. These two features are special because individuals have the power to purchase land and establish one’s own metaverse empire.

WoD’s Play to Earn feature allows users to earn in-game rewards and digital assets by completing quests, battling enemies, exploring new territories, and participating in events.

World of Dypians Economy: Land NFTs, CAWS, & DYP Token

Real estate has always been a hot commodity and it will only grow in the metaverse. Inside World of Dypians, there are 100,000 Land NFTs that are divided into five different tiers. The first exclusive tier on the market is Genesis LandGenesis Land is a collection of 1,000 Ethereum NFTs, each of which represents a 125×125 dimension space in a prime location where you can construct buildings, stake your NFT, and earn special rewards.

What’s more, animal lovers can join the NFT revolution and get their hands on the exclusive Cats and Watches Society (CAWS) NFT collection. Players can utilize these cat NFTs that are brought to life in 3D as a companion to their main character during quests, and can be used for staking as well.

Beyond NFTs, World of Dypians features the DYP token that’s used for in-game purchases and upgrades such as unlocking various features and accessing special content within the virtual world. Integrating DYP into World of Dypians greatly enhances the player experience and development of the metaverse ecosystem.

Increase Your Participation Inside World of Dypians With Live On-Chain Events

There are currently four live interactive events inside the WoD metaverse that are on the on-chain mainnet. Events are special activities that players partake in that give the game a profound sense of excitement.

Dragon Ruins is a bundle that can be purchased that gives players the ability to summon and face off against a dragon in an epic battle. Critical Hit is a daily activity that gives players the opportunity to strike The Genesis Land Gem to earn points and rewards in BNB. Golden Pass is a bundle that grants access to exclusive rewards. Lastly, is Puzzle Madness, where players unleash their detective skills and embark on a search for 10 hidden puzzle madness pieces scattered throughout the mining and city maps. Once found, these pieces can help players advance in the leaderboard rankings.

All in all, World of Dypians is an exciting game that can be accessed on desktop with future plans to expand to PCVR. The WoD metaverse allows players to connect with fellow adventurers, conquer quests, and engage in battles in an immersive environment.

About World of Dypians

World of Dypians is a metaverse sandbox and virtual game that was created by Dypius. In the World of Dypians metaverse, players explore through endless maps and participate in various activities such as hunting for rewards or purchasing items with digital currency. The game features a primary customizable character, which is chosen by the player, and is accompanied by NFTs and AI to help users on their journey exploring the different World of Dypians lands.

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