World’s Sky During Hajj

World’s Sky During Hajj

Six Saudi international airports, four of which are among world’s top 100 airports, are on high alert. These airports will receive 1.7 million pilgrims during Hajj season, via 7,700 flights coming from the countries in the seven continents. Many planes, owned by world airlines, will change their routes towards the largest country in the Middle East.

The Saudi GACA upgraded its international airports, especially those receiving the guests of Allah, in cooperation with the Ministry of Hajj, the Saudi first line in the big Hajj system. Four of these airports ranked up in world’s top 100 airports, during 2023, according to UK “Skytrax”, which reviews top 550 airlines and airports worldwide.

Geographical distribution was taken into consideration, while selecting the international and regional airports to receive pilgrims around the clock. According to official releases of Saudi authorities, these airports will receive 7,700 flights transporting 1.7 million pilgrims during Hajj season, 2023.

GASTAT’s observation of thousands of pilgrims’ flights, over the past years, indicates receiving more than 1.3 million pilgrims, by air, during 2014; a number not far from that accomplished in the following year.

Numbers were, notably, increasing during Hajj season, 2018, where Saudi airports received 1.8 million pilgrims. Foreign pilgrims, travelling to Saudi Arabia by air in 2019, were 93% of the total numbers which reached 1.7 million of foreign pilgrims. Hence, operation departments for Hajj and Umrah of “Ministry of Hajj” in the six airports, should, effectively, contribute to the operational plan with high absorptive capacity, to serve the pilgrims as of receiving and transporting them to their residences at the holy sites.

Due to its experience in dealing with pilgrims, the Ministry of Hajj took proactive steps to save the time and efforts of the other entities and the pilgrims. It launched awareness campaigns in the travellers’ countries, to introduce them to aviation local systems, customs, and directives concerning the necessary life skills, via using 11 languages, to ensure delivering its awareness messages clearly to the largest possible numbers.

During official occasion implemented by the Ministry in Jeddah on June 4th, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, Minister of Hajj and Umrah, said that Saudi Arabia intends to increase the numbers of pilgrims during the upcoming years. He added that this is in line with “Saudi Vision 2030”, launched by the Kingdom’s leadership.


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