Zoetic Global Presents Revolutionary Carbon Reduction Solutions at COP28

Zoetic Global Presents Revolutionary Carbon Reduction Solutions at COP28

DUBAI, UAE,  /PRNewswire/ — Zoetic Global intrigued the attendees at COP28 with an innovative strategy to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. The company’s focus on refrigerants promises to enhance energy efficiency and deliver strong economic benefits while generating premium, data-driven carbon credits.

“In support of the plan to transition away from coal, oil and gas and ramp up renewable energy,  Zoetic aims to stand out and lead the way. Zoetic’s leadership embraced the challenges highlighted by country and environmental leaders. Zoetic’s strategy is well-positioned to help our partners achieve compelling financial benefits from energy cost savings and sharing in Zoetic’s premium carbon credits. It is the result of a decade of dedication by the Zoetic team — and we welcome like-minded solution providers who share our commitment to making an immediate impact,” said Zoetic Global CEO Avery Hong.

“Our planet faces an urgent crisis due to climate change. As a result, we are more inspired than ever to introduce our portfolio of energy-saving and energy-generating technologies. With the increasing threat of global warming and excessive air conditioning usage, we are actively engaging in public-private partnerships with governments and businesses,” said Zoetic Executive Chairman Jerome Ringo.

“The Global Cooling Pledge, signed at COP28 by 63 countries, is a major step towards reducing carbon emissions from cooling activities, aiming for a 68 percent reduction by 2050 – but more action is required. Zoetic’s refrigerants will play a vital role in helping countries achieve sustainability objectives outlined in the pledge. We invite countries and businesses to partner with us after COP28,” said Tim Ryan, Chief Global Business Development Officer of Zoetic Global.

Zoetic Global is actively collaborating with governments and businesses worldwide to support them in meeting the UN’s ambitious climate change goals. At COP28, Zoetic announced significant partnership deals with organizations such as The Modern Industrial Group, City of New Orleans and City of Columbus. Zoetic also has numerous projects underway in the United States as well as on the main island of Jamaica and in the UAE.

About Zoetic Global

ZOETIC means “Of or Pertaining to Life.” It speaks to the focus of its co-founders, Jerome Ringo and Avery Hong, on bringing impactful solutions to the areas of greatest need. This entails technologies that are innovative, impactful, immediate, and investable. Zoetic is focused on the inclusion of areas of the world disproportionately impacted by climate change.

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