DeCipher: A Novel ChatGPT-based Service for Web3 Developers, Enabling Precise Documentation Generation from Smart Contracts

DeCipher: A Novel ChatGPT-based Service for Web3 Developers, Enabling Precise Documentation Generation from Smart Contracts

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bunzz PTE LTD, a Singapore-based tech company, is thrilled to announce the successful release of “DeCipher“, a revolutionary AI-powered tool designed to transform the process of generating smart contract documentation.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Users can create documents from nearly all smart contracts existing on each blockchain with a single click. This is a powerful tool that strongly supports developers who want to develop new DApps based on existing contracts, traders and investors who want to understand complex DeFi protocols, and business owners of web3 products.

Product Page:
Chrome Extension:

DeCipher’s unique data processing algorithm

DeCipher leverages advanced AI models, ChatGPT3.5 and 4, specifically optimized for analyzing smart contracts. The resulting “smart contract-specialized GPT” is an incredibly precise tool that has even impressed the Bunzz team. The unique fine-tuning approach employed by DeCipher is currently undergoing patent processing, showcasing Bunzz’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.

DeCipher’s Chrome Extension Dramatically Enhances Block Explorer UX

Surprisingly, DeCipher has also launched a Chrome Extension simultaneously. By installing this, users can view documents just by clicking the generate button while keeping the contract page they want to analyze open in Block Explorer. This is similar to Etherscan’s new feature, “Code Reader,” but differs in the following points:

  1. DeCipher is free. Code Reader effectively requires payment as it requires the Open AI API.
  2. DeCipher’s Chrome Extension can be used not only on Etherscan but also on other major Block Explorers.
  3. The accuracy of DeCipher’s documentation.

The Block Explorers supported by DeCipher are as follows:

  1. Ethereum Mainnet
  2. Polygon Mainnet
  3. BSC Mainnet
  4. Arbitrum One Mainnet
  5. Avalanche Mainnet
  6. Optimism Mainnet
  7. Moonbeam Mainnet
  8. Moonriver Mainnet
  9. Fantom Opera Mainnet

Not Just Accurate Documentation Generation, also Editing and Deployment Capabilities

Using DeCipher is incredibly simple: developers can effortlessly generate documentation by copying and pasting the contract’s URL. For those seeking continuous accessibility, DeCipher can be conveniently accessed through the Bunzz Chrome Extension, available on popular Block Explorers like Etherscan.

DeCipher’s advantages are not limited to just smart contract analysis. By using the Bunzz CLI, developers can edit and deploy contracts after they’ve been analyzed. Moreover, it’s a comprehensive solution that allows deployment to all EVM-compatible blockchains. These features hold substantial value for developers intending to create new applications by forking existing DApps, dramatically enhancing the efficiency of their product development process.

Extra Benefits of Bunzz DeCipher

The Bunzz ecosystem offers additional benefits. Deploying forked smart contracts across all EVM-compatible chains becomes effortless with the Bunzz interface. These contracts are cataloged as new modules in the public Bunzz repository, providing a valuable resource for other DApp developers.

In an exciting future development, Bunzz plans to implement a tokenomics system where module creators will receive reward tokens based on the frequency of usage, resembling a web3 version of Docker Hub.

Introducing Bunzz Eco-System

Introducing Bunzz v2, a state-of-the-art DApp development environment that includes DeCipher, Bunzz CLI, a repository, and a deployment environment. This breakthrough offering allows easy modularization and editing of all blockchain-deployed contracts using the Bunzz CLI, while securely deploying them with Metamask – a first in web3 history.

The Bunzz team eagerly awaits feedback and interest from developers interested in exploring and using Bunzz v2. Web3 developers are encouraged to try out DeCipher, an innovative tool with powerful features.

For inquiries or feedback, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We are more than happy to provide visuals and product demonstrations upon request.

DeCipher’s Data Layer: A Bridge Connecting web3<>AI

DeCipher is not just a development tool, it envisions something bigger. By providing the vast amount of contract data generated from document creation in a data structure that is easy for AI to read, it aims to create an ecosystem where various AI services can connect on top of its “Machine-Readable Contract Layer”. Progress on this vision will be shared via Bunzz’s Twitter.

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