Discover Aboriginal Experiences launches 4 member case studies

Discover Aboriginal Experiences launches 4 member case studies

A collective of quality, authentic, Aboriginal-guided tourism offerings, Discover Aboriginal Experiences (DAE) is delighted to launch four case studies on collective members going to extraordinary lengths when it comes to sustainable tourism, whether that relates to protecting the environment, community, culture – or all three.

The launch of the four case studies coincides with upcoming Earth Day 2024, falling on 22 April. The case studies also tap into recent figures published by Statista, which show that more than 80 per cent of global travellers regard sustainable travel as important to them, and that they were willing to adopt sustainable travel incentives –something that has led the global eco-tourism industry to be worth US$172.4 billion.

Indeed, the vast majority of experiences offered by members of the DAE collective fall into this category. These four case studies profile Mabu Buru Tours in Western Australia; Sand Dune Adventures in New South Wales; Wajaana Yaam in New South Wales; and Maruku Arts in the Northern Territory. The case studies are detailed below in Appendix 1. Interviews can be arranged by request.

Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples don’t see a piece of land as something to fence off and own. Nor do they look at the bush as a place to extract as many resources as possible. They don’t regard waterways as reservoirs to feed mass plantations. Instead, they see themselves and the land as one.

The world’s oldest living cultures have been embracing sustainability long before it became fashionable to lower food miles and use plant-based plastics. For at least 65,000 years they have lived in harmony with the environment, adhering to a reciprocal relationship that honours, rather than exploits the land. The Earth is their mother, a force that enables their existence in return for care and respect.

“The Indigenous connection to Country is fundamental across the DAE collective, as is sharing of culture through tourism, fostering a thriving living culture and economic and physical wellbeing of communities, and telling uniquely Australian stories,” says Nicole Mitchell, Executive Officer Discover Aboriginal Experiences. “We’re delighted to spotlight four of our members who stand out in these fields. There are so many others – and we will develop our portfolio of case studies in the coming months. We hope this inspires guests and journalists to rethink and recognise the immense positive impact that the growing demand for Aboriginal tourism is having.”

It’s this ongoing commitment to sustainability that saw the DAE collective recently acknowledged in Travel + Leisure’s Global Vision Awards 2024, announced in the lead-up to Earth Day to recognise the many companies, individuals, destinations and non-profit organisations that are leading the way in developing a more sustainable travel industry.


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